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This one is probably cheesy...

Posted by urban_solstice on 2007.05.14 at 19:55
Current Mood: boredbored
What is your all-time favourite movie and why?


Good one

Posted by _social_retard_ on 2007.05.09 at 23:19
Hey I have a good one, I want you all to reply to it.
Name something you enjoy doing. (sides the obvious fucking, eating, watching TV sorta stuff)
Myself? I like walking on grass.


A little childish.

Posted by _social_retard_ on 2007.05.08 at 18:44
You're playing truth or dare and it's time to dare someone.
What do you dare them to do?

Alright, I'm breaking the awkward silence

Posted by urban_solstice on 2007.05.07 at 16:07
Current Mood: awakeawake

What was the wierdest, goofiest, scariest, grossest (you get the idea) injury you've ever had?

Mine would have to be a nasty skin rash from swimming in a contaminated lake when I was little.


Make something up!

Posted by _social_retard_ on 2007.04.26 at 18:08
Current Mood: sillysilly
In another life I was ______ ?

Posted by _social_retard_ on 2007.04.19 at 19:47
Rain or sunshine?
Myself? Rain every time. I never get enough rain. I love a good storm.

Posted by _social_retard_ on 2007.04.15 at 16:19
Well you asked for more sinister so...
If you were to kill someone how would you do it?



Posted by _social_retard_ on 2007.04.05 at 02:26
Whats the first thing you would go out and buy if you won the lotto?
What sort of questions would you like to see here?

Posted by urban_solstice on 2007.03.29 at 19:58
Current Mood: naughtynaughty
What was the greatest shag you've ever had?

Posted by _social_retard_ on 2007.03.28 at 15:04
What's something silly you thought when you were a kid?

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