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Blind Metropolis

get to know your strangers

Get to know your strangers
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Okay so the previous rules seemed to really deter people joining so I'm changing things. Any member make a post, ask a question you'd like others to respond to. Commenting to the questions will be anonymous for now. Later if we have problems I will go back to the old system where everyone makes an alternate LJ with no info about themselves.

Anyways some rules.

~ No icons of people. When you post a question or if you choose to have a separate LJ account you can't have icons of people. I know it sounds weird but it's part of the style of "Blind Metropolis".

~ No lying, this should go without saying. We're here to share a little bit about ourselves and open up. What's the point of lying under those circumstances? If you don't want to tell the truth don't post.

~ No giving away who you really are. Keep your real identity a secret. Thats part of the fun, and it will make you more comfortable answering questions.

~ Don't be too vague. Don't tell us "I am in love with him." Every girl is in love with some guy. Tell us something interesting. Give us a little context. "I am in love with my boss." Tells us something without giving away who you are or who your boss is. Obviously this and the above rule need to be weighed against each other, use your common sense.

I think thats about it for rules. I don't want to bog people down with rules. Have fun.